Laura Vanegas

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CloudLabs STEM


I had the privilege of leading the complete process of building the CloudLabs STEM brand, from its initial creation to its consolidation in the market.
My role in this project was crucial, as I worked on all stages of the brand-building process. I participated in the initial conceptualization of the brand, in defining its purpose, and in creating its visual identity, developing a consistent and effective branding strategy.
In addition, I also participated in creating an attractive and functional website, managing the brand's social media presence, and producing printed resources and pop materials. I made sure that the brand's image and presence were consistent across all communication channels and in line with the company's vision and objectives.
This project provided me with the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in various areas such as branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, and project management.


My own brand l Since 2017

As the founder and owner of the leather brand Ornate, I have led and directed all marketing activities for the past 5 years.

During this time, I have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that has driven the brand's growth and achieved a significant increase in visibility and brand recognition.
I have worked closely with my team to create a unique brand identity that has stood out in the leather fashion market. In addition, I have established strong relationships with key customers and suppliers, resulting in steady growth in terms of sales and profitability for the Ornate brand.

My focus on quality and distinctive design of our products has allowed the Ornate brand to position itself as a leader in the leather accessories market, with a loyal customer base and strong brand recognition. All of this has been possible thanks to my commitment and passion for creating a unique and appealing leather brand for consumers.


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